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Parker Supply application specialists can visit your site and provide detailed steam and air system assessments and performance evaluations. After reviewing and analyzing the results, together we can target areas for improvement. We will recommend and implement a customized solution that will enhance the efficiency of your utility system today and continue to provide a return on your investment in more efficient energy production, lower operating costs, and improved reliability into the future. We offer Yarway and other quality products to cover the complete range of applications in your process.

Please contact your Parker Supply application specialist or customer service representative to see how we can help you cut costs and improve reliability.

Steam Traps

There are many factors that influence how well a steam trap can do its job getting condensate, air and carbon dioxide out of the steam system as quickly as they accumulate. If it's not matched to the application, sized correctly and installed appropriately, your steam system won’t get maximum value from a trap…no matter how good the trap itself is!

When properly integrated into the system, however, a steam trap will provide:

arrMinimal steam loss

arrLong life and dependable operation 

arrCorrosion resistance 

arrAir venting 

arrCarbon dioxide venting 

arrOperation against back pressure 

arrFreedom from dirt problems 

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repairable nonrepairable



Drip and Tracer Type Steam Trap-
Yarway's Drip and Tracer Type Steam Traps provide discharge of condensate from steam line drip, steam tracing, turbine drains, and soot blowers in light to medium processes. They can be repairable or non-repairable.
process thermostatic
Process Thermostatic Steam Trap-
Thermostatic traps react to changes in temperature and discriminate very well between steam and cooler non-condensible gases. They can rapidly purge air from a system, especially on cold start ups.
process thermodynamic
Process Thermodynamic Type Steam Trap-
Thermodynamic traps are phase detectors - they discriminate between condensate and steam. The primary advantage to thermodynamic in process applications is the hot-running design and responsiveness to load changes.

Please contact your Parker Supply application specialist for more information or for help selecting the right steam trap for your specific application.

For more information, please visit the supplier’s website at: www.yarway.com

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