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Cleaners, Lubricants, & Specialty Coatings

chesterton s pageEvery industry and every plant has unique equipment maintenance, protection and coating requirements. To address the complete range of industry requirements, Chesterton has developed solutions that increase the efficiency and reliability of these common maintenance operations by offering a comprehensive combination of Cleaners, Lubricants and Specialty Coatings.

Their chemical products fall into two categories: Technical (TP) Products and ARC Composites and Coatings. We are proud to be the exclusive, authorized distributor for Chesterton’s chemical products in California. The products in each category are as follows:

Technical (TP) Products

Metal Working Fluid

ARC Composites & Coatings

Corrosion Inhibitors
Spray Coatings
Abrasion Resistance Products

Please contact your Parker Supply applications specialist or customer service representative to discuss how Chesterton TP Products can help improve the efficiency and reliability of your maintenance operations.

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ARC Composites & Coatings

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Industry Problems, ARC Solutions
Minimize downtime and maximize investments  

Every industry and every plant has unique equipment protection and coating requirements. The broad range of surface-engineered products offered by ARC can minimize downtime and maximize your investments. The following are some of the common problems that can be solved by using ARC products:


For severe abrasive environments, ARC composite materials have become the preferred method for rebuilding and upgrading equipment. For equipment that is exposed to abrasive particles (e.g., chutes, silos, and slurries), ARC products for abrasion are ideal for repairs and upgrades.


Eliminate erosion-corrosion with ARC ceramic-reinforced composite materials. In pumps, where maintaining critical tolerances is key to operating effectively, ARC composite materials can help extend the life of your equipment.

Chemical Attack

Protect against chemical attack: aggressive acids, condensing vapors, strong caustics. Silos, chimneys, and tanks can be damaged by chemical attack and ARC engineered surfaces can be used for maximum protection.

Atmospheric Corrosion

Stop corrosion damage! For equipment that is exposed to the elements, ARC's unique formulated products for corrosion greatly minimize any loss in productivity.


Using ARC Products

ARC Composites combine the extremely hard wearing properties of ceramics with the resilience of a polymer matrix to deliver outstanding resistance to sliding abrasion and erosion. These types of abrasion commonly wear out equipment that handles slurries, dry powders, and turbulent fluid flow. In these applications, ARC Composites have outlasted and outperformed hard face welding, rubber liners, ceramic tiles, and conventional ceramic-filled epoxies.

The unique technology of ARC Composites has led to sprayable thin film protection which dramatically outperforms traditional coating technology. The unparalleled reliability of ARC Composites has made it the product of choice in severe chemical exposure.

While widely used in industry, standard epoxy coatings for concrete exhibit a high failure rate. ARC engineers have created a reliable concrete coating system which resists chemical and physical attack.

The same composite technology which provided abrasion resistance superior to other materials has been proven to completely eliminate the corrosion/erosion cycle. ARC Composites extend the service life of equipment used in harsh industrial environments by providing a barrier to permeation.

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Please contact one of our applications specialists or customer service representatives to discuss how we can help you with your specific application.


Sample Applications for ARC products

One Example

A bauxite discharge chute was originally lined with ceramic tiles. Since the tiles were subjected to constant abrasion, they disbonded rapidly and the chute was blocked. To protect against further unscheduled shutdowns to repair the chute, the remaining tiles were removed and the entire chute was coated with a protective monolithic ARC ceramic surface. The problems of failing tiles have been eliminated permanently and unscheduled shutdowns are a thing of the past.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper equipment (bark, woodchip, and parascrews) at a European paper mill were extensively damaged because of abrasion. Even the special alloys and the hard-faced welding coating on the equipment were no match for the abrasive particles. After coating the affected pieces with ARC, the lifetime has been increased 4­5 times and new equipment is regularly upgraded before use

Aluminum Refinery

At an aluminum refinery, the casing of a cast-iron pump was beginning to wear away after only six weeks in operation. The conventional approach to repair was to re-face the pump with pure nickel, and while this doubled the service life, the procedure took seven weeks to weld and cost $10,000. The customer switched to ARC products to repair the pumps and now estimates his costs at $2,500 initial coating and an additional touch-up at $200 after 18 months of service. In one year, the savings per pump are approximately $55,000 and ARC has saved this customer over two million dollars.

Please contact one of our applications specialists or customer service representatives to discuss how we can help you with your specific application.

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Technical(TP) Products

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At Chesterton application experts, chemists and tribologists with over 150 years of combined industry experience formulate technical maintenance products to emphasize prevention over cure, productivity over gimmicks and offer plant wide maintenance reliability. These products are designed to:

Reduce the Non-value Added, Repetitive Maintenance Functions
Reduce the Volume of Chemicals Used
Reduce Time for Mechanical Maintenance Operations
Improve Equipment Reliability

Chesterton has focused on developing solutions to increase the efficiency and reliability of the common mechanical maintenance operations done in industry. By analyzing the root cause(s), Chesterton has developed a broad range of lubricants, cleaners, and MRO technologies that provide the maintenance person the critical tools to support their every day work.

Please contact one of our applications specialists or customer service representatives to discuss how we can help you with your specific application.

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