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Penberthy’s quality product lines, application expertise and manufacturing capabilities are the solutions to your process needs.

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With manufacturing roots dating back over a century, Penberthy has long been recognized as a global leader in design and manufacture of high quality level instrumentation for process industries. Through their pursuit of excellence in product quality, customer service and on-time deliveries, they are known for providing superior products at competitive prices. From their beginning in 1886 with the boiler feedwater injector through present-day ISO 9001 certification, leading edge technology and personnel, Penberthy has unwavered in its ability to anticipate customer needs and to solve problems.

Through the course of many years of research & development, lab & field product testing and monitoring product performance, a vast pool of knowledge has been acquired…knowledge that has been passed on to their customers in the form of superior products in the following categories:

  • Liquid Level Gages & Valves
  • Magnetic Liquid Level Gages
  • Sight Flow Indicators & Windows
  • Illuminators & Level Switches

Their commitment to excellence is at the core of Penberthy's business philosophy. They offer maximum flexibility and responsiveness in meeting customer requirements. Just as importantly, they control the entire production process – from metal forming through processing and shipping – to ensure all components are manufactured to Penberthy's strictest specifications.

Liquid Level Gages & Valves

For direct visual indication of process level, a broad range of flat-glass transparent or reflex gages are available to meet most temperature/pressure conditions. Tubular styles are also available, along with a complete line of both straight and offset pattern valves. Only Penberthy offers PENGAGE™ Selection Software for fast, accurate and simple gage/valve specification.


Brochures available for download:

Penberthy Level Gages.pdf

For more information, please visit the supplier’s website

Magnetic Liquid Level Gages

Penberthy's MULTIVIEW™ Magnetic Liquid Level Gages can be built to serve practically any process industry situation. From the simplest operation to the most severe, corrosive environment, Penberthy can construct a system to best suit your company’s requirements.

As pioneers in magnetic gage level indication and as creators of the unique concentric magnet design, Penberthy has the expertise to know what design, specifications and options best fit any given application.

Brochures available for download:

Penberthy Magnetic Level Gages.pdf

For more information, please visit the supplier’s website

Sight Flow Indicators & Windows


Quality engineered products from start to finish.

Penberthy offers one of the industry’s most complete lines of sight flow indicators and windows with their FLUIDVISION™ product line. The product line includes ANSI, Teflon®/Tefzel® lined, FM approved dual-window, armored, full-view, threaded window and low-flow gaseous models. All popular sizes and materials of construction are available, with flanged, threaded and special connections, as well as rotator, flapper, drip-tube or plain indicator styles. Also includes threaded, oblong and conventional sight windows.

Please contact your Parker Supply application specialist for more information or for help selecting the right Penberthy product for your specific application.

For more information, please visit the supplier’s website

Illuminators & Level Switches

New product development is a priority at Penberthy, and is no better demonstrated than by the new Graph-a-Bond™ gasket and XP Illuminator. The Graph-a-Bond™ is a patent-pending graphite composite gasket that provides both superior strength to resist gasket deformation and better surface adhesion than commonly used graphite gaskets. The XP Illuminator is the first standard lamp illuminator with a watertight seal. This provides flat glass gage illumination outdoors with a product that's impervious to the elements and can operate maintenance free and reliably for years.

For more information on these breakthrough products, please contact your Parker Supply applications specialist or customer service representative.

Please contact your Parker Supply application specialist for more information or for help selecting the right product for your specific application.

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