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Apollo Ball Valves

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You can count on Conbraco for top quality Apollo ® bronze and steel ball valves in all sizes and shapes, and with all the connections and options you need. Whether you need valves for hydronic systems, irrigation, instrumentation, or tough industrial process flow, one of our ball valves is sure to fit your purpose. They have Two Piece, Three Piece, Unibody, Flanged, Three-Way, Union End, Steam Prep, Specialty, Top Entry and Barstock valves for every need you can possibly imagine. Apollo ® ball valves deliver world-class performance for a universe of applications

Bronze Ball Valves

The 70-Series bronze Apollo ® ball valve was introduced by Conbraco in 1968, revolutionizing the way water and air were handled in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Today, Conbraco manufactures more types of bronze ball valves than any other US company. More than 6 million Apollo bronze ball valves are put into service every year, making it America’s most trusted ball valve brand.

Steel Ball Valves

Apollo ® steel and alloy ball valves offer superior design and metallurgical quality to industrial valve specifiers. Flanged, socket weld, butt weld or threaded, in sizes from 1/4” to 12”, Apollo ball valves are built to exacting specifications in our ISO 9001 registered plants, assuring our customers dependable value time after time.

Top Entry Valves

High-performance Apollo top entry valves come in a wide selection of materials and options. The top entry design has many advantages including minimal potential leak paths, simplified in-line service, built-in antistatic feature, plus spring loaded low-pressure seals. Self adjusting 7° seats compensate for wear and temperature fluctuations. They are available in sizes 1/2 inch through 10 inch.

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