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Steam Trap Surveys

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Parker Supply can help you survey your existing steam traps to develop updated information on what you have, the condition it is in and exactly where it is located in the plant. By assessing your equipment’s current condition and performance, we can help you identify and avoid potential equipment failures and optimize your life-cycle costs.

The survey information can be used to better plan and schedule your maintenance projects. It can also be used to identify specific pieces of equipment that should be upgraded or replaced with newer technology products. The steam trap & condensate return surveys that we perform for our customers provide the following benefits and savings:

Steam System Reliability and Savings

  • Identify improperly piped steam traps
  • Survey steam traps to eliminate failed open traps that waste steam energy
  • Identify traps that have failed closed causing production bottle necks

Please contact your Parker Supply application specialist or customer service representative to discuss how we can help you with your specific equipment survey needs and improve the cost-effectiveness of your process.

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